At present, Ethan is one of three declared Republican candidates from which one will be chosen to be the party nominee at the GOP State Convention on May 5th. He is both highlighted and distinguished from the other two in several important ways described as follow:

Ethan successfully served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Our most recent Republican Congressman for the 4th District Chris Shays also served in the U.S. Peace Corps.
He has a masters degree in international management from the American Graduate School of International Management (renamed Thunderbird School of Global Management, Glendale, AZ) where he served as student body president and graduated with honors.
He successfully worked in Latin America as a high-level bank officer, even in Central America during the Nicaraguan Revolution. He is an international banker with true war stories.
As a high-level bank officer in New York City, Ethan performed well where he had a prominent role in arranging a $55 million financing for the Vermont portion of the electrical transmission interconnection between Hydro-Quebec Power Company and the New England Power Pool, a project which over three decades has saved New Englanders upwards of $5 billion in energy costs.
With respect to cleaning up our bureaucratic elite oriented state government, Ethan is noted as a specialized bank officer for having identified serious operating problems in state public works, particularly of the then proposed $300 million Bridgeport Resource Recovery Project, promoted by the CT Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA), a project with multiple legal issues for which the starting point was bid-rigging. By circumstance, he stumbled upon a political sacred cow and became a whistleblower. That introduced Ethan to the broad sets of systematic biases in our state and federal court systems (See separate page of Ethan’s Background).
Ethan has long been an active advocate of judicial reform having had a role in the reduction of the number of innocent men incarcerated in CT. In part through his advocacy, the number of incarcerated males in CT declined from over 19,000 in 2003 to just over 16,000 in 2016 (just before Gov. Malloy instituted his early release program).

Mainly through Ethan’s efforts, following the voting debacle of 2020, there has been electoral reform, including of the Bridgeport Registrars of Voters finally starting to cull the voter lists of inactive voters. His efforts include the filing and vigorous litigation of Ethan Book and Ethan Book for Bridgeport v. Denise W. Merrill, Secretary of State, et al., FBT-CV-21-5044812 S, and through various requests for public information made through the Freedom of Information Act, matters heard before the FOI Commission and resulting in revealing information and also observed improvements in voting related practices (See separate page on Election Integrity).

Politically, Ethan has had four solid showings as the Republican candidate for State Rep. in the 128th District, the central portion of Bridgeport (the largest municipality in the 4th Congressional District). When he first ran in 2014, the Democrat-to-Republican voter ratio was over 20 to 1. When he has run, he’s been an active campaigner including with much door-knocking. He’s had a knack for getting voter registrations. He keeps records of voter registrations that he’s brought in. When he ran for State Rep. in 2020, the Democrat-to-Republican voter ratio was below 13 to 1, a dramatic reduction of 35% over a period of only six years in an urban district. He’s qualified for state funding three times, a record for a Republican candidate in Bridgeport. Also, the percentage votes which he’s obtained each time he ran were double the percentage of Republican to total Democrat and Republican registered voters. Thus, there has been overall solid political development. To overlay that experience with the approximate 3 to 2 Democrat-to-Republican voter ratio throughout the 4th Congressional District, and Ethan comes into striking range of defeating the stale 14-year incumbent.
Ethan has successfully operated a small business in limousine service for three decades.
He honorably served from 2004 to 2013 as a board member of the El Alfarero Hispanic prison ministry.
Ethan successfully served as an elected CT Justice of the Peace from 2014 to 2016.
For the last four years, he’s been an active member of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program for the Hollow section in Bridgeport.
He speaks Spanish fluently.
Of the three Republican candidates for 4th District Congress, Ethan is the only one who is demonstrated to be comfortable and successful in the urban political environment.
He’s the only one of the three Republican candidates who is conservative on social issues. Further, he can articulate sound reasons for his positions in manners that are rational and compassionate.
Further, Ethan is not an insider.
William F. Buckley said his policy of selecting candidates to support was that he would select the candidate who is the most conservative who can win. For the three Republican candidates for 4th District Congress, Ethan is the most conservative and he can win over the stale 14-year incumbent.

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